High Paying Top Litecoin Faucets

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FaucetBOX.com allows websites to make micro cryptocurrency transactions.When a faucet website sends you a small payment using the FaucetBOX service, FaucetBOX saves it in a temporary wallet that uses your address as your log-in name. When your temporary wallet reaches a certain amount of money, they send the payment to your address.

The recommended limit on FaucetBOX is 100,000 Litoshi [0.00100000 Litecoin]

My Strategy:

In order to get Litoshi everyday paid to my personal wallet, I use several faucets regardless of the reset time. I selected these faucets to maximize claim per faucet per day, which is about 10000 or more Litoshis per claim. By visiting these faucets, you can easily achieve 100,000 Litoshi limit of Faucetbox which automatically sends it to your Litecoin address.

Litecoin Faucets

Faucet 4 Litecoins Cryptocrawl Litecoin Faucet
Green Faucet Crypto World Litecoin Faucet
PrefHC Crypto Roller Litecoin Faucet
Free Litecoin Faucet Ref Hunters Litecoin Faucet
Litecoin Free Catchcoin Litecoin
Litecoin xyiz Coin Catch Litecoin  Faucet
Nija Litecoin Faucet Cat Caty Litecoin Faucet
Litecoin Faucet Free Hardcore Litecoin Faucet


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