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High Paying Bitcoin Faucets

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What is a Bitcoin Faucet?

Bitcoin faucet is a World Wide Web website that gives out “free” bitcoins (BTC) in exchange for doing a simple task, such as clicking on an advert, solving a CAPTCHA, or viewing a webpage for a certain amount of time. There are also faucets that dispense alternative cryptocurrencies.

In my case, I send my Faucet earnings to my wallet (For Philippines Residence). If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet, you can register at (International Digital Wallet)

Always take note of the balance of each faucet. If it has no funds available, you not get paid. Just move on to the next faucets. 😉

If you want to earn extra 5,000 satoshis (50 bits),  REGISTER AND CLICK HERE


All you need to do is get your RECEIVE BITCOIN Address from your wallet. Copy your bitcoin address and paste it in the space provided in the faucets. Solve the Captcha and find the CLAIM button. UPDATED October 1, 2016

This faucets pays directly to your wallet if minimum is reached:


Field Bitcoins 

Multicoin Faucet

To efficiently claim bitcoins from faucets, I have created my own bitcoin faucet rotator. Please visit the site for more faucets:

E-Pay Faucet Rotator

Do you need advertising credits to advertise your business? Claim satoshis 5000, 10000, 100000 in Mellow Ads Faucet and buy advertising credits in mellow ads or just cashout your earnings in their faucet!

Claim Satoshis and Advertise here!

More Faucetbox Faucets Here


Payment Proof 2

Payment Proof 1

More Faucets


Many of these sites have “hidden” rewards button. Here are some of them:

= The rewards button is at the very bottom of the page

= The rewards button is square shaped with a plus (+) sign

= A rectangle shape with a greater than (>)

= A countdown timer, after the time the button will appear

= Sometimes the button is really hidden and when you mouse over that “empty” space, it is clickable and you will get the reward

= The reward button is seen first, but you have to solve the captcha first which is at the bottom of the page


85 thoughts on “Paying Bitcoin Faucets

  1. Hi! Here I am again. I got curious with FaucetBox because of your post (what I usually do is visit sites which pays directly to Xapo). So I finally gave it a try. 😉 I’m just wondering. When transferring my coins from FaucetBox to (after reaching the minimum threshold), does it automatically transfer to my BTC Wallet or do I have to do some steps manually? 🙂 Do I have have to lock my threshold or it’s not really necessary? And last question, do you happen to know if FaucetBox charges a fee when they transfer it to your BTC Wallet? Sorry I have a lot of questions. I think you are the best person who can help me with this. 😀 Good day!

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    1. Hello Alyssa,

      To answer your question, YES… If the minimum amount is achieved, Faucetbox will automatically transfer your earnings to your coinsPH wallet. From my experience, I’m using faucetbox for quite some time now without locking my threshhold and it works smoothly. From faucetbox to coinsPH wallet, there isn’t any fee deducted. 😉


  2. I have a concern here…. if I have one wallet…and several addresses generated from it; and then I started working on single faucet with multiple addresses one by one….and the satoshis did get into these multiple addresses….. how will i combine my all satoshis in my wallet….. i know it sounds weird.. but will be grateful, if you can sort this out…thanks

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  3. its not only about faucetbox account….. i have a wallet and it has multiple addresses – my question is can I join the satoshis of all the different addresses into one, without paying any fees…. plz assist


  4. hi, i have a concern. im using wallet and i try to use the faucetbox and after i follow the instruction by copying my recieve address and follow the captha to get my reward. and after that i dont get any BTC in my wallet. can you help me??


    1. The faucets “store” your earnings in your faucetbox account. To check, go here:
      enter you btc address and check your earnings. There is a minimum number of satoshis needed in order for you to withdraw it to your coinsPH wallet.


      1. It’s up to you how many sites you can focus on a day. I mainly focus on mining and faucets. I get my BTCs from faucets and invest it in mining to have more mining power.


    1. Faucetbox has an automatic payment system upon reaching the minimum amount. Usually it is set at 13,000 satoshis. Once 13,000 satoshis has been reached, it is automatically sent to your btc address.


  5. sorry i want to know i opened a wallet in my xapo wallet and i am using it to collect satoshi on faucet does that mean if i reach the payout thresold limit it will transfer it to that wallet address i opened in xapo alc i want to know because i recieve satoshi from other free satoshi site straight to my xapo alc but am just trying it out on faucet box now thanks looking forward to hear from you


  6. Hello, what do you men by THIS FAUCET EXCEEDED IT’S SAFETY LIMITS!? Can Is there an option to adjust my faucet limits? Thank you..


    1. As a faucet owner begginer, I think it means that although there’s enough faucet balance to make the claim, the faucet owner set up a maximum payout limit per 30 minute window. It’s possible to do that on faucetbox. Just try to claim satoshis a bit later.


  7. hello.. im new in
    lately i earn 0.00007 satoshi from my wallet in paytoshi in opening websites that gives satoshi.. then i decided to transfer it to my wallet.. it doesnt change my bitcoins wallet amount.. then another day i tried again .. and then another but nothings happen.. can u explain what happen to my satoshis? are those permanently gone? i already sent almost. 0.00026 satoshi but my wallet in didnt received it..y?


  8. I have reached my limit on faucetsBOX, But for the automatic payment to work I have to sign a message in my blockchain, can anyone help with that. The Beta version of the blockchain wallet doesn’t have that feature. Can anyone help with how I can link my Faucetbox to coinbase


  9. how much satoshi are u talking about i can link u up with a wallet that can allow transfer your funds with ease different from coinbase or blockchain and much more convinient


    1. Hi Mahi, when claiming coins in faucets, use the blockchain BTC address. Faucetbox is just a microwallet to hold your coins. Faucetbox will deposit your coins to which BTC address you used in claiming BTC from the faucets.


    2. Hi Mahi, when claiming coins in faucets, use the blockchain BTC address. Faucetbox is just a microwallet to hold your coins. Faucetbox will deposit your coins to which BTC address you used in claiming BTC from the faucets.


  10. Hello,
    Hope you are doing well . I never saw this kind of useful information like you. Thanks for your Support and such as a Useful info for all bitcoins earner. currently, I lost more than 300$ in Different HYIP Sites. Sound so sadness. I know HYIP sites are full or risk. because these all are Ponzi scheme.Sorry to write you a lot. I have a question to you that currently after loose of money in HYIP site then I decided to join in cloud mining sites. I am using hashocean,top mine, and bit rapid. currently compounding all three for one month. also deposited 37$ to hashocean, 3$ to top mine and 6.37$ to bit I want to earn 100$ per day from these sites so how long need to compound. Thanks


  11. hi how can i change the address of blockchain wallet in faucetbox ? my blockchain wallet address automatically changed and my last address in faucetbox is no longer exist but i have 12500 satoshi in that …how can i send them to my new address in blockchain?


  12. Hello,
    Regarding FaucetBox, if i reach my payout threshold and continue adding satoshi through different faucets and exceeding the threshold will FaucetBox give me the minimum threshold or the total accumulated satoshi?


  13. dko magets pano nagwowork itong faucetbox? halimbawa may account ako so ung bitcoin address ko from ang ilalagay ko sa faucetbox? ang tanong ko paano mapupunta sa faucetbox ung mga satoshis na nkuha ko from faucet list eh ang nilalagay ko nmn sa bitcoin address sa mga faucet list eh ung address ko sa hindi ung sa faucetbox? paano makakaipon agad? ilagay sa pinakamababang threshold ung payout sa faucetbox? nagsignup ako sa xapo wala nmn 5k satoshi..


    1. Since maliit na amount ang binibigay ng faucet sites, ito ay temporarily inilalagay sa faucetbox wallet mo, pag naabot na ang threshhold, minimum OF 13000 sats, automatic na ito ay ideposito sa coinsPH acct mo. Para kumita ng mas malaki at maabot agad ang threshhold, maghanap ng mga referrals.


  14. Hi, im really confused on how to use this bitcoin. Some says they can withdraw their btc to real money. How was that? And i really want to give it a try but i dont know the sequence of like faucetbox to . Or how to earn satoshi/btc without investing. Thank you 🙂


    1. there is nothing we can do except withdraw our earnings before it closes. Set the payout threshold to minimum (13000 sats) and try to reach it before closing. Other faucets are available like EPAY.INFO which is also in my list.


  15. hello..i need help. bat ganun when i enter my btc address sa mga site to earn bitcoin na ginawa ko sa di daw valid ung address ng btc na ginawa ko sa bakit kaya…


  16. Update the referal for ‘coz its closing na. Everyone who is new to this i suggest to used . those who uses the please do read the announcement about it at the site.
    Happy mining! 😄


      1. hi newbee po ano po ung faucetbox at xapo. meron po ako and nag join po ako sa freebitco at moonbitco nyo. meaning po b ndi ko na magagamit ung freebit at moonbit?


      2. faucetbox is a microwallet that holds your satoshis until you reach about 13000 sats to withdraw. Ang freebitco at moonbitco ay not affected ng closing ng faucebox. Makakakuha ka pa rin ng bits galing dito at gamit ang iyong coinsPH address


  17. can you give me links that i can earn using my much better kung free lng muna. medyo nadala ako sa may investment eh. tia


  18. Hello ! Ask ko lang po kung may ibang solution, kasi nagconvert po ako ng bitcoins sa Xapo account ko into peso pero nag eerror siya. “An error occurred during approval, please reload and try again.” kahit irestart/irefresh ko .. ganun pa din.. Nabawas na kasi yung bitcoins sa funds ko .. baka kasi masayang.. Thanks in advance ! Merry Christmas !


  19. Pls can someone explain to me what this faucet box is all about. I have btc address and I have earn 0 00152 btc from BTCClick.


    1. Faucetbox closed dowm. Try Epay is a collection of sites where you can collect satoshis. Epay will “store” your earned satoshis until the minimum level withdarawal has been reached.


    1. Use your btc address in coinsPH when claiming faucets. All your claims (Total Amount) will be automatically credited to your coinsPH account once the minimum payout is reached. For Xapo, LogIn at Xapo site > click the send button > enter the amount in btc > enter coinsPH address and your Xapo password.


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