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Bitcoin Dice Bots, Betting Bots, Settings, Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Bitcoin Dice Games can be profitable, with a little luck and plenty of  right strategies to use.

First and foremost, gambling should be fun. Use gambling to relax, enjoy and with a bit of luck, earn  extra cash. If you have some issues with regards to gambling, better read this article: Gambling For Fun

Bitcoin gambling bots (short for robots) are softwares which use some sort of betting online site’s application development user interface (API) to help increase the task connected with putting bets based on some sort of playing technique or even gambling strategy to choose which wagers to position.

Bitcoin dice is a little bit different from traditional dice game because bettings are based on the blockchain. Still, the probability of dice rolls in a classic game applies to all types of dice games involving two or more dice, including bitcoin dice games. it is not rare to find bitcoin dice strategies on the web, sometimes elaborated by players. Many Bitcoin gamblers rely heavily on betting progressions for increasing their bankroll while gambling, especially on dicing sites such as Primedice and 999dice.


For the summary and new strategies download page, CLICK HERE.


Common Types of Betting Strategies

A. Martingale

A common bitcoin gambling strategy is the Martingale betting system. It’s also the betting progression that seems to result in the most incidents of losing entire bankrolls. The concept is simple enough – you choose a bet that will return your bet doubled if you win, and you start to bet. If you win, you go back to your original wager. If you lose, you double your bet, so that when you eventually win you’ll have made your original wager in profit.

B. Paroli

Another common betting progression is the Paroli or Parolli system, which rather than decreasing the wager on a win like the Martingale method, increases the wager after a win. This method may be used by some Bitcoin dice players on sites such as Primedice. It involves doubling your wager after a win, and resetting it back to your original wager after a loss, and after 3 consecutive wins, going back to your original wager. The Paroli method can work well for gamblers who prefer low risk, and consistent small wins.

C. Labouchère

The Labouchère system is another popular betting system, and probably one of the more interesting ones. It’s a bit more complex than martingale and Fibonacci. Labouchere is also commonly called the cancelation system or split martingale.

The user of such a strategy decides before playing how much money they want to win, and writes down a list of positive numbers that sum to the predetermined amount. With each bet, the player stakes an amount equal to the sum of the first and last numbers on the list. If only one number remains, that number is the amount of the stake. If bet is successful, the two amounts are removed from the list. If the bet is unsuccessful, the amount lost is appended to the end of the list. This process continues until either the list is completely crossed out, at which point the desired amount of money has been won, or until the player runs out of money to wager.

D. d’Alembert

D’Alembert is negative progression betting system, similar to martingale and Labouchere. This means that when a bet is lost, the next bet will be increased, and when a bet is won, the next bet will be decreased.

The system, also called montant et demontant, is often called a pyramid system. It is based on a mathematical equilibrium theory devised by a French mathematician of the same name. Like the martingale, this system is mainly applied to the even-money outside bets, and is favored by players who want to keep the amount of their bets and losses to a minimum. The betting progression is very simple: After each loss, you add one unit to the next bet, and after each win, one unit is deducted from the next bet.

E. Fibonacci

The Fibonacci betting system is another negative progression betting system. It is simple and easy to follow. In its most basic form, you follow the Fibonacci sequence on a losing streak, and reset to betting 1 on a win. The Fibonacci sequence is Xn+1 = (Xn + Xn-1) where Xn:-1 =0 and Xn:0 =1. Thus first few items of the sequence is: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89…

Source: Wikipedia

Seuntjies DiceBot

Seuntjies DiceBot is a program to automate betting strategies, like martingale, for crypto currency dice sites, or in other words, a betting bot. DiceBot supports a multitude of sites and currencies, including 999dice (BTC, Doge, LTC), Primedice (BTC), Bitsler (BTC, LTC, Doge, ETH) and many more. Updates are regularly released to fix bugs, improve the bot and add new and innovative features to the bot.

This bitcoin bot is compatible with the following Dice Games:

You can test the bot’s features by simply logging in and collect free bitcoins (built-in faucets) from the dice sites. I recommend primedice, betterbets, 999Dice and

Full Feature List

  • Different settings modes for the varying experience levels.
  • Different built in betting systems: Martingale, Labouchere, D’alembert, Fibonacci and preset list
  • Zig-Zag: switch between betting high and low
  • Automatic invest or withdraw on profit goal reached
  • Realistic simulations of your strategy using the sites own RNG algorithms
  • Roll Verifier: automatically verify rolls for select sites, or generate a file with the roll numbers for a certain client and server seed combination
  • A lot of stats including: profit, wins, losses, streak info, profit predictions, max bets before bankruptcy
  • Email notifications for certain events (user can enable/disable)
  • Sound notifications for certain events (user can enable/disable)
  • Option to save username and password locally (no sneaky stuff done with usernames and passwords, check the code if you don’t believe me)
  • Automatically saves current bet settings on exit
  • Import/export settings
  • Generates table with possible profits/losses for up to 30 losses in a row
  • Minimize to tray
  • Emergency escape key
  • Bet history table that auto verifies rolls when possible, can also be searched for certain rolls
  • A programmer mode to code your own strategy using a lua script
  • Live and historic profit charts, as well as custom range charts
  • many stop and reset conditions

==>> (To Download the files in this page, just skip the ads) <<==




The SECRET on How to Recover Long Losing Streaks


Long losing streaks gives me headaches and bankroll losses. By managing these losses, anyone can recover the losses easily. From the image above, several losing streaks had been recovered using my “SECRET BOT SETTINGS”.

Needed for this setting:

  • 0,0015 BTC minimum bankroll
  • see the performance of the bot settings for at least 2000 ROLLS then try to adjust your BASEBET accordingly. 2-10 Sats Base Bet is highly recommended.

Click on the image to enlarge and see the settings I made.

My Secret Setting 1 and 2

000 bet setting NEW (thumb).png    000-bet-setting-new3-thumb

Skip the ads after 5 seconds to see the image.

Primedice Bot and Betting Strategy

Primedice is the undisputed most popular and trusted bitcoin game in the world! It offers a reliable, quick, and simple way to play with your coins.

Primedice offers state of the art verification which allows our users to check the integrity of every roll and confirm they are not manipulated. Random numbers are generated through the use of two seeds, a server seed, and your client seed. The server seed is created before you specify your client seed, ensuring that a server seed purposely in our favor cannot be generated. Together, along with the nonce (# of bets made with seed pair), the seeds are used to create a provably fair roll number within the 0-99.99 range.

Register here first (click on the banner):


Settings to Win everytime and recover losses instantly!!!

1.Using Primedice Built-in Bot, check my settings below

Click HERE to See My Settings for Primedice

 2. Using Seuntjies Dice Bot to Win in PrimeDice Bitcoin Game

If you will use Seuntjies DiceBot, I highly recommend the Labouchere and Martingale Betting Strategies. Log in or Register at Primedice, collect free bitcoins from its own faucet. Use this Free Bitcoins to test the bot.

My Labouchère Betting Sequence

This betting list sums up to 100 satoshis. When the betting sequence is finished, 100 satoshis is gained or won. You can have your own list to decide how much you want to win every sequence.

  1. Copy and Save this betting sequence  to your Notepad. 


2. Open your Bot, choose and Log in using your Primedice account.

3. Go to Settings Mode > Click Advanced

4. On the right panel of the  bot, select Labouchere.

5. Click browse and locate your saved Labouchere Betting Sequence.

6. On the Advance Bet Settings, play around with the values. Even if the bot is running, it will adjust to the updated settings.

My settings:  switch after 1 losses, switch after 5 bets.

7. Click “Start High” or “Start Low” to start the bot.

My Martingale Dice Bot Bet Settings (Click to Enlarge)

I started with settings 1 (bankroll 0.001 BTC) and when my bankroll increased, I used settings 2 (bankroll 0.01 BTC). Now I’m using settings 3.

This is the Dicebot screenshot of my PROFIT before and after using my settings.

000 bets

00 Dicebot-PD1

  1. Log in and deposit at least 0.001 to 0.01 BTC to make this settings work.
  2. Go to Advance Settings and in the Zigzag bet, I use “switch after 4 losses” and all other is blank. You can play around with these settings even the bot is running.

Dice Bot Martingale Settings 1

Min. Bankroll: 0.001 BTC

(Click to Enlarge / Skip Ads)

00 martingale.png

Dice Bot Martingale Settings 2

Min. Bankroll: 0.01 BTC

(Click to Enlarge / Skip Ads) 00 martingale2.png

Dice Bot Martingale Settings 3

Min. Bankroll: 0.03 BTC

(Click to Enlarge / Skip Ads)

00 Dicebot-PD3

This is my actual screen using the Labouchere settings.

This video shows the betting system settings and it always win.

Using the Programmer Mode

Update Feb. 2016:

I created a bot script that uses 2 martingale betting strategies.

You can download it here => Elmo Double Martingale Strategy.

At 66% Win Chance: Elmo Double Martingale 66


At 66% chance, you will win more. But when the losing streak occurs, the recovery system kicks in. My favorite occurence here is what I called the “shooting star” when a losing streak occurs, the system will try to recover the losses and gains more than 50% profit along with the recovery progression.

  1. Download and Save ==>> This Script: Elmo Double Martingale 66 (Remember where you downloaded the script!) UPDATED February 2016 – Added random betting
  2. Run the Dice Bot and Choose a Dice Site and Log In
  3. At Settings >> Choose “Programmer”
  4. On the “Code” Tab, Paste the Scrypt on the lower box.
  5. You can change the basebet and the profit target or leave it as is.
  6. Go to “Console” Tab and type start() to start the betting and stop() to stop the bot. If the bot reaches the profit target, the bot automatically stops.


Hit and Run Martingale Betting Strategy


Betting at 90% chance, if it loses the bet, the recovery system kicks in by betting at 19.80% chance martingale until it recovers the bet lost plus profit on the side. This continuously gains profit until it reaches your profit target and automatically withdraws your set desired amount. This bot Hits with a long winning streak and Runs a recovery, gaining more and more profit. Hit and Run Strategy for Dice games is a veeeeeery long grind to hit a large target profit. But hey, it’s worth it beating the house edge. Large bankrolls and minimum bets is the key to win in dice games.

Note: If you don’t want to autowithdraw just type “–” (double dash) in front of the withdaw command line.

Download the Hit and Run Betting Scrypt HERE.

Hit and Run Bot Betting Scrypt in Action

My starting bankroll is about 0.001 BTC. This has a win rate of about 18 Sats per second. 

The Double Martingale Strategy: The first martingale uses a low winning chance but triples your bet. If a losing streak kicks in, the 2nd level martingale recovers the losses, regains your bankroll with extra profit on the side.

000 bets2mart

  1. Download and Save ==>> This Script: Elmobet01.txt (Remember where you downloaded the script!) UPDATED February 2016 – Added random betting
  2. Run the Dice Bot and Choose a Dice Site and Log In
  3. At Settings >> Choose “Programmer”
  4. On the “Code” Tab, Paste the Scrypt on the lower box.
  5. You can change the basebet and the profit target or leave it as is.
  6. Go to “Console” Tab and type start() to start the betting and stop() to stop the bot. If the bot reaches the profit target, the bot automatically stops.

<<<< ++++++++++ >>>>


2. Hi-Lo Betting Bot Scrypt

Register here first (or click the banner):


Download and use this script:

BTC Betting Bot Scrypt (Updated Scrypt – November 2016) Scrypt (Updated Sept 2017)

This script uses a Martingale Betting Strategy which is just multiplying the bet by 2 if losing and staying on the base bet if winning. BTC0.00000001 is the base bet by default, you can change it, but I highly recommend to stick to the default. If you want to change it, it’s on the top of the script.

Tip, don’t claim the faucet if you want the script for several hours. The cookie of the site drops and forces a page reset when it detects that you are collecting the free satoshi and does a page redirect. 😉

 Note: This scrypt is given to me by a friend, this is not my own. Thanks.

How to use the script:

Download or copy the script and log in at and go to “MULTIPLY BTC” tab after you log in, then press F12 key and paste the script in console tab of google chrome or firefox browser. Press “enter” to start the bot and then observe as it automatically earns BTCs. To stop the bot, just type stopGame().

You have to have a balance of at least 100,000 satoshis before using this scrypt. In my case, I invested BTC 0.01 and let the scrypt run for about 1 hour. Then I come back again after another hour and start playing again. You can run the scrypt for several hours but you must have a larger capital to regain the losses 😉

This is the performance of the scrypt when I used it for the first time

This scrypt running for 4 hours! Look how it performs

If you are in the losing streak, this will be your bet on the next roll. That’s why you must have a relatively large capital or bankroll to continue winning. I experienced a losing streak up to 16 losses.

Losses Bet
1 1
2 2
3 4
4 8
5 16
6 32
7 64
8 128
9 256
10 512
11 1024
12 2048
13 4096
14 8192
15 16384
16 32768
17 65536
18 131072
19 262144
20 524288

<<<< ++++++++++ >>>>

3. 999dice Gambling / Betting Bot 

This site pays 99.9%. That’s a house edge of only 0.1%.

It was inspired by others, and intended to be even simpler – as simple as possible! Just betting. That’s it.

But their house edge is a full 1%, and ours is 0.1%. That’s not a statistical difference of 0.9%… it is a statistical difference of 900% (10 times closer to “perfect equality”!)

There are no commissions or fees (other than Bitcoin‘s built-in transaction fee – there’s no way to avoid that!). Deposits do not require any confirmations before being credited to your account. Most withdrawals are processed immediately.

This site is fully funded by private investors. No further investments in the site are currently available.

Register here first (click the link below):


Download the 999dice auto betting bot here. (Updated Nov 2016)

This program runs on Win 7 and 8.

You can adjust the settings (I play with the minimum base bet):

Base bet: 0.00000010

Max Bet: blank

# Bets: blank

Goal: (input target BTC or blank)

% after Win: blank

% after Lose: 900%

Win Chance: 90%

Click image below to enlarge and check out my settings

Using Dice Bot 3.1.2 Settings for 999dice

I use the labouchere and the martingale bet settings for primedice.

Using iMacros Script for 999dice

  1. The Johnson Progression Script ==> Download Here
  2. 999Dice Bot Script at 33.3% Chance ==> Download Here
  3. My Martingale Bot Script with Random Hi – Lo Bet Settings
  4. My Double Martingale Bot Script ==> Download Here

Note: Before you run the Double Martingale, be sure to set the win chance lower than 49.5. (I recommend win chance at 33%)

I set my win chance to 47.13% for an extra profit.

How to use iMacros for Firefox? CLICK HERE

Where to get iMacros for Firefox? CLICK HERE

999Dice Payment Proof

<<<< ++++++++++ >>>>

4. Satoshi Mines Bot

What is Satoshi Mines?

Satoshi Mines is a game of chance played on a 5×5 minefield grid. The object of the game is to uncover as many green tiles as you can without uncovering any red mines. You win an increasing reward for each green tile you uncover.

Click here to play Satoshi Mines game.
Download Bot 1 (1 tile per round. 1 mine difficulty)
Download Bot 2 (3 tiles per round. 3 mines difficulty)

About the bot/script

The bot will auto play, click tile, and cashout.
It will also auto adjust the bet (called bigBet in the code) in case it will land a mine to compensate the loss.
It will set the bet to the original value on the next round.
The bot will stop if your balance is less than your big bet value.


  1. Download/Open any of the bot scripts
  2. Edit the variables value if you want (e.g. bet and bigBet)
  3. Copy the code
  4. Visit the satoshi site and go to the play page (after clicking the start playing button)
  5. Open your browser’s console (by pressing F12 on most browsers and go to the console tab)
  6. Paste the code on the console to start the bot
  7. To stop the bot, type “stopgame()” on the console without the parenthesis and press Enter
  8. To start the bot again type “start_game()” on the console and press Enter


<<<< ++++++++++ >>>>

8. Satoshi Mines Bot V2

Click here to Play Satoshi Mines Bitcoin Game

<<< Download the executable bot here >>>

Satoshi Mines Bot Settings  – copy this settings to your default settings

With this settings, you can get 2000 bits per hour.

For your settings copy and paste your Player Hash Code:

player hash

Copy and paste your player hash code URL to your notepad and SAVE it! Don’t lose it or you will lose your cash if you haven’t withdrawn it yet.

Bankroll for this should be NOT less than 0.05 BTC! If you will increase your bet, you should increase your bankroll…

This is my screen I’m playing 4-6 panels in a single account! Play around with your settings but not too much, it might jeopardize your winnings!

With a bankroll of 0.03 BTC, I won 0.014 BTC playing for 7 hours with the use of the bot with 6 games simultaneously. I only withdrawn my earnings and kept my bankroll since I intend to play again the next day… 😉


 <<<< ++++++++++ >>>>

<<<< ++++++++++ >>>>

Where to get FREE bitcoins to gamble with?

Get FREE Bitcoins from bitcoin faucets! I collect more than 50,000 satoshis per day from various faucet sites used it to get more bitcoins in these bitcoin dice betting sites. ==> CLICK HERE <==

Where to get FREE Litecoins to gamble with?

I also collect Litecoins from faucets. I use Litecoins in CLICK HERE to get Litoshis.

Can I lose using these betting system?

Yes. This is a betting strategy that gives you the edge of winning MOST of the time. But there is also a possibility of losing. That’s why you need to play smart. After winning some amount of money, rest for a while and start again. If you run the betting system overnight or several hours, there is a chance that the longest losing streak may occur and wipe your money out.

Tip: Don’t be greedy! Win only in small amounts. If losses occur, it can easily be recovered. 😉

My highest losing streak and was able to recover.

primedice max bet



Best Bitcoin Dice Game

You can play Rollin Dice Game by using FREE Bitcoins from its own faucet. See the image below…

Rollin Dice Payment Proof


pocket dice

You can play pocket dice using its own faucet. Just Click on the menu on the upper right hand corner. Then click “Free Bitcoins” button. You wil be given 1,000 satoshis every hour. For Pocket Dice Betting Strategy, use our strategy for bitcoin casino to win in pocket dice game. Set the game to roll under the number “9”. If lose multiply by 300.

Pocket Dice Payment Proof Nov 2016


For Satoshi Dice Game, click on the “Free Bitcoin Faucet” to claim your free bitcoins in order for you to play.


<<<< ++++++++++ >>>>

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A High Bankroll (at least 0.10 to 1.0 BTC) is needed in these strategies to be effective in winning and to overcome big losses.

Always remember… Invest money that you CAN afford to lose…

DISCLAIMER: All the bots and strategies being used is purely for entertainment purposes only. This system works MOST of the time, but not ALL the time, this is gambling! You CAN lose money in an instant. I’m not responsible with any earnings or losses you incur.  Use at your own risk.


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  1. Hi po sir still working ? Gumagana po ba haggang ngayon yung mga strategies at mga bots ? For how long na po ninyo ginagawa gumagana parin po sya until right now ? Sir Ano po Per day profit mo using this bots until now ? Interested to learn and play. Sir do you have experience big losses here or disappointment using this bots and strategies .Thanks po sa answer and advance


    1. All the strategies or system here is still working. I had losses due to small bank roll. Big bankrolls almost always dont lose. Set your profit aroun 10% of the bank roll and you can always win. After winning, withdraw, walkaway and play again another day. 😉


  2. I can’t start value at bitcoin scrypt
    following your intruction at the top, but ain’t find anything
    can you help which one should I change?

    big thanks


  3. hi, im literally confused.. with all the scripts & dice websites mentioned, which one do you really recommend? Which script & dice website will have the largest return lets say I have 1BTC bankroll & 1 hour of gameplay from your observation?


    1. Well that’s why it’s part of gambling. Lady Luck comes and goes without knowing. With 36 streak loss, luck is not on your side, or your % chance setting is low. Losses are common, you should be smart when to stop if you gain enough. But when is enough is enough, is up to you. 😉


      1. Nice! Thanks for the info. Will test it with these extra settings and play with it till get the best results 😉


  4. Thanks for the tutorial. how can i use the hit and run script in the a little bit confused on which button to hit to start betting?


  5. hi,
    How much minimum balance required for safe play in freebitco site with lesser risk factor through script. and also for how much time the script should be scrolled in a single attempt with out any hindrance factor ?

    Whether it is advisable to use free bitcoin earn option in between?
    Please suggest.


  6. Hey Sir, you dont answer me under the best-bitcoin-bot-winning-strategy-dice-game-casino Site, so i try it here, can you check out if the settings are correct, i want to use the 10 Satoshi fishing strategy and my investment are 0.01BTC

    here you can find a picutre.


  7. Hi Mcguyver,

    Can you add stop when losses condition in Hit and run or fishing strategy?

    Example >>> If balance less than 0.1 then stop. Thank you.


  8. Hello mcguyver37,
    In your script for programmer mode, How to write a very small code as: stop when I reach to an % on deposit or maybe an amount of profit to make the bot stop.

    Thanks you.


  9. i took my time to read every single detail of your website and i can tell you it great and thanks. But i have a question. How many time do you recommend for someone to play a day. and does cache and cookies have anything to do with games from the admin site thanks


  10. Hi, i have tried that script for and it work :D!!! but with some troubles, how can i put a maximum value to the bet? i mean, an instruction for say “hey dont double the bet if it is 512 or higher” please help me with this:'(


  11. Thanks for your reply, i will to try some of this system you have here but i think you should have create different pages for it. so that we can go to the ones we want to play. they seems to much for me.

    To my question, i want to you bitsler which of those setting is the best to use with 0.001 account thanks


    1. You have to change the withdrawal address to your personal address. Set the withdraw amount you prefer. When the bot hits the target balance, it automatically withdraw your preferred amount.


  12. can I set my profit target to 1BTC (for example) with the use of Labouchère? how much bank roll should I have if that is my target? thank you.


  13. Hey,
    I tried your satoshimines bot v2, but it stops after 1 loss all the time, what am I doing wrong?
    =[Game Started]=
    Type: real | Bombs: 1
    betting square 9
    Bomb. Loss: 0
    Checking balance…
    Balance level met (0.10019 bits)… Stopping…


    1. sir okay na po .. another question lang po pag po ni run sa dice bot hindi lumalabas sa mismong website ni primedice? hindi po ba madedetect un ni primedice?


    2. try to restart your computer, dapat automatic. kung nakaregister ka na, dapat login ang click mo. sa bitsler, username/password kelangan. Sa Primedice, API key ang kelangan instead of password.


  14. Hi mcguyver37. thanks for the bot. it is very cool. question: how to LUA scrypt draw string with which to automatically withdraw Satoshi wallet specified in the recruitment of a certain amount? thanks in advance for your reply.


    1. Place this before function dobet()
      profittarget=0.01 –This will be your profit
      amount=0.001 — this will be your amount to withdraw

      Place this after function dobet:
      if profit >= profittarget then
      withdraw(amount,”btcwalletaddress”) — insert here your wallet address


  15. Blessed day Kababayan!
    Sobrang happy po ako coz I found your LEGIT DICEBOT SITE!!! You are the answer to my prayers!!! Sir, Fishing at 10 is WORKING GREAT! I am really happy po!

    balance: 0.00915257
    bet: 2 sats only

    balance: 0.00916478
    bet: 2 sats only

    Sir, I have some questions lng po. hehe
    Sana po replyan mo po ako.

    Sir, ask ko lng po, ilang po oras po pwede ilaro ito?

    Ano po recommended “bet” mo po sakin kung maka 0.01 na balance ko po?
    As of now po, bet ko lng po ay 2 sats plng po.

    Looking forward po sa inyong answer. (*^__^*)/
    I’ll give back to you po pag meron na po ako BIG WIN!!!
    GOD bless us more and more!


  16. Dear Sir Kababayan!
    Report ko lng po, huhuhu…

    kinain ung 0.034 ko down to 0.004 nlng po, gamit ang Go 4 the win (Elmo betting strategy progression)…

    Nka DEFAULT po ako nun at within 10 seconds lang, kinain po. huhu…Please help me po.

    At ung isa ko pong friend, di maka withdraw sa main bitsler site after nya maglaro sa dicebot po.

    Please help us po.
    Patiently waiting po sa inyong positive reply.

    Salamat po in advance.


  17. Hello
    Thank you for your good work,
    I like very much “hit and run” it turns long hours
    best win streak: profit /24h : 0.0134….., / hour:0.00058….profit/bet: 0,00000040, Luck: 99.25%
    My balance 0.12 …. how can you boost it? (hit and run )
    How to edit and what script I have to take to go up 0,1000 min (999dice) dogecoin.
    Is what you have a good script for (my Ball: 300,000 ….) dogecoin.
    And for Crypto-Games Dice Monero (my Bal: 0.02….) That you advise me like script
    thanks again


  18. Hi! Your scripts are awsome! but …. I have problem with setting auto-withdraw. Im put fresh code into the console window and …. what next ? :)\


  19. what is the best strategy that you can recommend with 0.001 balance? also, are these scripts run on seuntjie dicebot? like all of them?can i email you with some other questions?i’m literally a noob in this field.


    1. All strategies work most of the time, but not all the time. My favorite is the Satoshi Fishing and Hit&Run Strategy. Yes, most of these scrypts run in Seuntjies dicebot.


  20. this is what I got for the hit and run strategy
    “LUA ERROR!!
    System.FormatException: String was not recognized as a valid TimeSpan.
    at System.Globalization.TimeSpanParse.TimeSpanResult.SetFailure(ParseFailureKind failure, String failureMessageID, Object failureMessageFormatArgument, String failureArgumentName)
    at System.Globalization.TimeSpanParse.TryParseTimeSpan(String input, TimeSpanStandardStyles style, IFormatProvider formatProvider, TimeSpanResult& result)
    at System.Globalization.TimeSpanParse.Parse(String input, IFormatProvider formatProvider)
    at System.TimeSpan.Parse(String s)
    at DiceBot.cDiceBot.UpdateStats()
    at DiceBot.cDiceBot.resetstats()”


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