Beating The 80 Loss Streak in Dice Games


I have been playing dice games for several months. Studying, observing and researching the best strategies I can find in the internet. Of course all of us wants to win everytime. But unfortunately, lady luck is not always on our side.

Smart betting is the key for you to gain profit even if the odds of winning is low. Another thing is your bankroll, try to calculate if your bankroll can handle several streaks of losses. Another key is prebet and preroll, these are bets and rolls before your “main” bet and roll. I use only 1 or 0.5 satoshi everytime for a prebet or if possible in a dice site, you can bet 0 satoshi.The prebet will let you handle the first few losses before going to your main bet.

This is the principle I use in making the “Fishing Strategy”. In actual fishing, you need to wait for the fish to take the bait. In my fishing strategy, several prebets and prerolls will be made before the main bets. In a low chance win, long streak losses is common, but the payout is greater. I use 1 satoshi to handle the first few losses. When the long streak losses occur, the main betting kicks in to get the most profit gain while minimizing the losses that my bankroll can handle.

For a win chance of 10%, the payout is 9.9 X bet. This is my favorite place to “fish” for satoshis. If I bet 1 satoshi, I get 9 sat gain. If my prebet is 10, I will bet 1 sat X 10. If I win in the 5th bet, then I gain 5 sats since I lost in the first 4 bets. So even in prebets, I can gain a little profit. I encountered 70-80 losing bets in a row. If I use the betting sequence like multiplying the last bet 2X then I will be multiplying every loss that can result to more than 1 BTC loss! Prebets can help minimize that kind of losses. In a 10% win chance, 25-50 losing streaks is common. That’s why I designed this scrypt to maximize the gain by having 10-25 first and second level prebets.If the losing streak is at 20-25, then the main betting begins.

This strategy has been written in LUA Scrypt being used in Seuntjie’s Dice Bot. If you want to download the Latest Seuntjie Dice Bot, CLICK HERE.

If you need instructions on how to use the dice bot programmer mode, go to my blog page.

Watch This Video and See the “Satoshi Fishing at 10” in Action


Minimum Bankroll: 0.0025 BTC

Win Chance : 10%

Payout : 9.9 X bet

Prebet : 1 satoshi

Preroll : 25 (can be lowered, if bankroll is higher)

Main Bet : 30 Satoshi (can be increased, if bankroll is higher)

Download the Fishing at 10 Betting Scrypt Strategy HERE.

If you like the scrypt. Please donate at: 33kx7iqfjSLuEAoW7EasLs83vontLmCvAE

Thanks! And Happy Fishing!


19 thoughts on “Beating The 80 Loss Streak in Dice Games

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  1. hello friend : how are you ? and install the bot and i using the bot and using primedice , when i am i dicebot and iam following the guide to install it tells me to choose the game i give primerdice and then tells me the register, but i do to register, i dont have active user and when i give him a registration he tells me to confirm , what do i do ? thank




  2. hey mate! thanks very much for those scripts. Do you think this is the best strategy to follow? Which would be a good main bet for a bankroll of 0.05? thanks!


  3. i like the fishing at 10. works great with low risk. If I have a higher bank, say 0.008, what do you think is a safe main bet to use? 50 sats?


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