Bitcoin Money Making Bot Scrypt

This script is for making some easy money in, if you are not yet a member, just click on the banner to start making some free bitcoins. This site is legit and 100% paying since 2010.


After your registration, collect some bitcoins in using its own faucet. This will be your “seed money” in betting. You can also deposit some bitcoins to start off.

You have to download the Free Money Making Scrypt by clicking on this link: Free Money Making Scrypt

Wait for 5 secs. and skip the Ads

Go to and open Multiply Bitcoin tab.

For Google Chrome:

  1. Go to Menu > More Tools > Javascript console
  2. Copy the script
  3. Paste the script into the javascript console
  4. Press Enter key on the keyboard

For Firefox:

  1. Press F12 key on the keyboard
  2. Copy and paste the script into the console
  3. Then press ENTER key on the keyboard

Most of the time you will win! About 95% of the time.
But always remember, gambling has risk of losing money. Please always invest money you can afford to lose.

Happy Earning Bitoins!


4 thoughts on “ Bitcoin Money Making Bot Scrypt

  1. Hi, i have tried that script for and it work :D!!! but with some troubles, how can i put a maximum value to the bet? i mean, an instruction for say “hey dont double the bet if it is 512 or higher” please help me with this:'(


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