How to Earn Bitcoins in Cloud Mining

Tips and Tricks How to Earn BTC in Cloud Mining

Cloud mining or cloud hashing is a new concept, which allows us, users to buy mining or hash power of the hardware placed in remote data centres. All Bitcoin mining is done in the cloud, without any offline hassle, such as electricity, hosting issues, or installation and upkeep trouble. This is just mining bitcoin without a physical miner.

All you have to do is register in a cloud mining site and some of them will give you free hashing power for a certian period of time. There is no hassle of electricity cost, device maintenance, technicians to hire, etc…

So how long will you earn bitcoins? As soon as your hashing power is activated, you are now earning bitcoins.

If I don’t invest, will I earn? Yes you will, if the company has given you a certain amount of mining power, that’s all you’ll get for a certain period of time. So it’s better to invest some amount since it will be “returned” in a few months.

This is what I did or this is the strategy I used:

I registered in a cloud mining company. They are giving free KHS or MHS for life! That is about 0.00010946 BTC per day. Since this is only “active” for 1 month upon registration if you have no investment. So I invested at the minimum 20 KHS at current price of $6.20 (0.01888449 BTC, under the present rate 1 BTC = $328.31) which gives me additional 0.00014595 BTC daily. So now my total is 0.00025541 BTC per day.

Now my Mining Power is 35 KHS. I set the automatic withdraw to “OFF” since I will use the “mined” BTCs to purchase again 20 KHS of power. This will take a few days but I’m planning not to invest anymore.

Now that’s how simple my strategy is. Invest a little ($6.20), save the BTCs that have been mined and buy another batch of 20 KHS hashing power.

I know this will take a long time to achieve a substantial amount. But if you have some more cash then invest a little more.

Now where to get more KHS without spending more. Simple, advertise your referral link to various social networking sites, forums and the likes. Every referral you bring in and invested, you will gain additional mining power in your existing hashing power. Some bitcoin cloud mining sites gives about 5% every investment your referral makes.

I started this strategy last May 2015 and right now, I have 246 KHS with an earning of 0.0055 BTCs every 3 days doing exactly the strategy I have above.

If you want to earn BTCs by cloud mining, Register below and follow my strategy. Happy Mining!




TIP: Don’t Put Your Eggs in One Basket

Aside from the sites above, I also invested in other cloud mining companies so that I can have multiple streams of income. If in case one of them goes offline, you can still earn from the other mining sites.

Register below to earn more bitcoins in these top cloud mining companies.



To get discount in Genesis Mining, Use this Promo Code: jk1ESf

To get discount in Genesis Mining, Use this Promo Code: jk1ESf

To get discount in Genesis Mining, Use this Promo Code: jk1ESf


13 thoughts on “How to Earn Bitcoins in Cloud Mining

  1. Is this true? can you post your earning?
    I mining, physically at 60GHs but it only generates 0.0003~BTC daily.

    and this, only KHS?
    no bitcoin calculator calculate your results.


  2. Hello, Iam using ur bot. All works well. But now it starts to bet really slow. What happend? Primedice is still working with good speed, so thats not the problem . Bot Speed is fast as able. Do u habe any idea? Thank You

    Liked by 1 person

      1. hello!

        ngregister ako sa bx-mining!! mejo pricey po ung genesis e haha ipon ipon n lng po muna.. susubukan ko muna sa mababang price.. wala dn kc akong budget.. cguro nxt malakihan n invest ko thanks!!


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