How to Earn Bitcoins

How I Came to Know and Earn Bitcoins

It was when I was searching a way to earn money online. I was browsing in google and facebook to find some new ways to earn and one of my friend introduced me to Bitlanders, it is a social networking site that pays a member by posting, liking, commenting and sharing blogs and videos. Bitlanders pay thru paypal and bitcoins! That’s how I started to learn about bitcoins. I also learned that bitcoins has a smaller denomination called satoshi, it is about 100 millionth of a bitcoin ( 1 bitcoin = 100,000,000 satoshis). I had earned some in bitlanders.

Before earning any bitcoins, you must have a bitcoin wallet. My first bitcoin wallet is Xapo. I was able to get my first 5,000 satoshis by registering for free. Some faucets pays instantly thru Xapo. This is where I started to know more about bitcoin faucets. For Filipinos (Philippine Residents), we can use the coinsPH bitcoin wallet. By using this wallet, we can encash our bitcoin earnings to pesos and it is withdrawable thru local banks and/or money remittances or services.

I continued my quest on how to earn more bitcoins / satoshis without any investments and there I found bitcoin faucets which payments are made thru faucetbox. Faucets are webpages or websites that gives free satoshis when you visit their site. you can earn about 100 – 10,000 satoshis at a time. Some faucets are tricky, they will “hide” the claim button so that you will stay in their webpage for quite some time. They also use captchas to prevent bots from “stealing” satoshis from them. In my other page, I devised a strategy to get satoshis everyday and continuously deposit it to my personal bitcoin wallet. Faucetbox is like a wallet that allows websites to make micro cryptocurrecy transactions. When a bitcoin faucet sends you a small payment using the service, Faucetbox saves it in a temporary wallet that uses your bitcoin address as your log-in name. When your temporary wallet reaches a certain amount of bitcoins, faucetbox will send the payment to your designated bitcoin address.

When I began earning some bitcoins, I thought of investing it in other sites so that I can double or triple my earnings. I began investing in some sites with large interest rates (5%, 8%, 10%) but after sometime it turned out to be a scam. Some of my earnings was completely wiped out. In my other page, I posted where I earn more bitcoins thru investments and I’m happy to say that they are all 100% paying and legit.

Right now, I’m more focused on Bitcoin Cloud Mining. Here in the Philippines, mining rigs, part and accessories for mining are rare and at a very high price due to importation. Second, electricity here is not cheap! Temperature is also not suitable for mining rigs especially during summer. That’s why I do bitcoin cloud mining.

Where do I get more bitcoins? REFERRALS! Yes you can earn lots of bitcoins on your own but if you can invite more people in your “team”, the easier it is to earn more bitcoins by getting commissions from your invites.

Note: All that is written here are my own personal experiences. Please be aware that some sites turn into scam after a few days or months. This I have no control.



14 thoughts on “How to Earn Bitcoins

  1. Informative post. I’m just starting to get hooked on bitcoins too and had started a blog about it. I know it does not pay the bills now but hopefully in the future. More power to earning bitcoins!


    1. Hi Cherry, in your bitcoin wallet, just look for the receiving address. It is a alphnumeric string of characters which looks like this: 1AdLnT7G1dwHYPe7jCZiCy5fCJYxeHxEHC


  2. Will you please elaborate your understanding of “cloud mining”. I have yet to try Bitlanders as a faucet. All these other faucets are easy to use but gives out very few satoshis. There is even an app that gives out satoshis. Mining earns way more bitcoin than faucets, ofcourse. Have you found a mining company yet? If you’re still interested in bitcoin mining, email me. Thank you!


    1. Crypto mining involves having harwares, softwares and of course a lot of electricity and good internet connection. In cloud mining, you dont need the materials above. You just need an internet connection to check and/or withdraw your earnings. Cloud Mining is the process of bitcoin mining utilizing a remote datacenter with shared processing power.[1][2] This type of mining allows users to mine bitcoins or alternative cryptocurrencies without having to manage their own hardware. Since Cloud Mining is provided as a service there is generally some cost and this can result in lower returns for the miner. As of now Hash Ocean, CLDMine, TopMine, HashFlare and Genesis Mining Companies are the ones paying me with no issues. 😉


      1. Have you heard of Bitclub Network? They do not do “cloud-mining” since the contracts let you own the hardware but they run iand maintain it for you. They seem to be making noise in the bitcoin community since they are getting bigger. Also, they say that the blockchain cannot be hacked so I looked at it and they are now 3% of the mining pool, which makes them a legitimate mining company. I will take a look at the “cloud-mining” companies that you have mentioned. They should also be on the blockchain, right? I’ve always been curious with how “cloud-mining” works. Thank you


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