Gambling with Bitcoins

Gambling has been part of our society. People bet on the outcome of an event whether a fist fight, a gladiator in an arena, boxing in las vegas, or a horse in a race.

By the time internet came, gambling has been easier or accesible to people. Cybergambling, online gambling, internet gambling are some of the terminologies are now beng used to describe gambling over the internet.

People with large sum of “extra cash” can afford to gamble using this facility which is available 24/7 and at the convinience and privacy of their own home.

When bitcoins was introduced, many online gambling sites adopted this cryptocurrency that made gambling more advanced. Anonymous betting can be done, transfer of cash without the need of several identity checks. Betting can now be in a fraction of a cent which is an advantage for people who has low budget or likes to bet only in very small amount.

I myself is a gambler. I like to win but hates to lose a great deal of money. So I only gamble what I can afford to lose. I only gamble bitcoins thru simple dice games.

Bitcoin gave me that chance to have fun in some simple betting dice games and win some cash. I won several thousands of satoshi (it’s only a few dollars) but I’m happy with my few dollar winnings, at least I didn’t lost much. I use a simple strategy to always win and easily recover losses.

The dice games I play are Primedice, 999dice and Hi-Lo game of using bots to automate my betting.

TIP: Use litecoin or dogecoin in 999dice for small bets and have the feel of the games. 😉


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