How to Exchange Bitcoins to Philippine Peso

After receiving my payment from to, I wanted to get hold of that cash in my hands. Sometimes I need that physical touch to really know that what I’m doing here is real. And the fulfillment that, “Yes, I did it! I got my payment! I’m holding it right now…”

Since I already have a BPI Bank account, I wanted to “test” how easy it is to transfer from to BPI.

Here is what I did:

First, get a hold of your account number and the EXACT name you use in that account.

Log in to your account and click on the “Cash Out (Sell)” option.

exchange bitcoins to philippine peso

Click on the “Bank” option and on the drop down menu, select your preferred bank. In my case it’s BPI.

exchange bitcoins to philippine peso

After selecting the preferred bank, fill up how much will be cashed out.

FYI:The good thing about BPI, there is no fee in their bank to bank transfers as you can see in the payout fee.

Then click on the “Next Step” button

exchange bitcoins to philippine peso (BTC to Php)

On the next page, fill up the necessary details regarding your bank account. Your name must be exactly what you are using in your bank account. Double check and review all the details you have filled. Then click “Place Order”

exchange bitcoins to philippine peso

On the next page, you now will see that your order has been placed. Then click “Pay with wallet”

exchange bitcoins to philippine peso

Click the radio button “BTC Wallet”. Then, click “Pay”…

exchange bitcoins to philippine peso (BTC to Php)

Then this page will show saying that your bitcoin payment has been received by

Here are the list of banks that have transactions with:

banks1 banks2

Well that’s about it… After a few hours, a text message was sent to me by telling me that my bank had received the cash. I hope this helps you. 😀 😀

NOTE: This blog has been featured in blog section. Thank you team! I really love your service!


18 thoughts on “How to Exchange Bitcoins to Philippine Peso

    1. Hello Alyssa,
      All you have to do is transfer your wallet balance from Xapo to coinsPH.
      1. Login at coinsPH and copy your receiving bitcoin address.
      2. From your Xapo wallet, Login and click “SEND”
      3. Click “BTC Address”
      4. Paste the coinsPH address in the “TO:” field
      5. indicate how much BTC you will send to coinsPH
      6. Click “SEND PAYMENT”


  1. Let time prove it, all we have to do just waiting and see , is 2016 will be the bitcoin’s year ?? anyone can’t predict the future, but i saw until today the price is stable and even going up, just hoping that this year would be the good time for us and for bitcoin, i wish the price keep going up until the higher price, just saying


  2. Hi just saw ur blog here and its very useful esp for me na newbie. I just have a question about the app “free bitcoins”, they will deposit the satoshis to the coinbase wallet which is a US accnt but I am using, would this app cater coinsPH wallet? Thank you! Hope to hear from you.


  3. Thanks a lot to this tutorial. I just started bitcoin and search for information about if they are really legit or not. I found out that most of my friends started to use this so I also tried and check it out. Thanks again.


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